Explaining Consciousness under multidisciplinary approach with giving dominance to New Evolutionary Cognitive neurosicience


Building a theory for consciousness

  1. Understanding the consciousness and Understanding, the evolution of life  has been an ever present problem to mankind , from the historical times and  has eluded every one of us,
  2. These two problems have become most mysterious subjects even known to mankind
  3. Philosophers ,religious leaders and highly intelligent scientific minds have attempted to explain.
  4. Enormous amount of scientific work up has been taken up for past 50years without much promising results  in the last frontier of brain science which include neuroscience, neurobiology , molecular genetics ,brain imagines and other valuable branches of bran sciences ,  yet consciousness  is remaining a Mistry to every one of us . Some regards  it as an insoluble problems and some says it will take another 500 years to solve it