Building a theory for consciousness

Evolutionary cognitive neuropsychiatric model to explain consciousness

  1. Brain evolution creating complex   dynamic  Hubs system to produced  consciousness
  2. We don’t have good brain theory,We don’t  have a blue print or Theory about consciousness

    We do have plenty o  DATA and Researches coming out every day and ,We do have Research   over the past 30-40 years with mountains of research from multiple disciplinary branches of neuroscience

  3. The noble Laureate Dr. Francis Crick who is one of the pioneers  in brain  research had once mentioned that “What is conspicuously lacking in explaining consciousness  is broad frame work of ideas  explaining deferent frame of these of ideas which interpret these deferent approaches in consciousness.In order to have broad spectrum understanding we definitively need a  good theory to explain it, Therefore it  has become the major problem in understanding consciousness.
  4. We  have  in fact more than enough Data but not a good theory

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