Evolutionary neurocognitive model

hypothlamo brain stem conection

We are proposing a new branch of science, where we take the evolution as the major factor in creating consciousness.

We like to name the scientist  who work on this field as Theoretical Evolutionary Psychoanalytical and Neurocognitive  Scientists(TEPAN)

Just like the major brain of   physics there are  theoretical physicist who the create model  of theoretical  physics TEPAN scientist  create the model  of theoretical model consciousness.  Without  theoretical model physics would not have progress. We emphatically say,  that in  biology and  cognitive neuroscience there are  no theoretical biologist or theoretical neuroscientist

We are badly in need of theoretical neurocognitive scientist in order to build a model of consciousness since We do need the blueprint or the model in order to explain consciousness.

Most of the brain related science conducted and studied in a very fragmented manner. The scientist who want to study about any cognitive function of consciousness (example, The scientist who want to know about  the auditory system only want  be  studying the middle ear canal in micro-detail ( PhD level ) without mastering hearing and has been limiting himself – due to the existing  micromanagement of university and other hierarchical system also biasing it. We forced upon by the beilfe system where anything could be discovered by breaking apart

Therefore cognitive Neuro Scientist are not looking into building but to dissect. They are naive to the fact that by building stuff creating the emergent phenomenon

According to imminent scientist Richard Feynman best known for his work in quantum mechanics ones said that  he cannot explain anything without having a model to compare.

Due to same reason most neuroscientist are not builders and they don’t have the big picture or the blueprint. They are completely ignoring the complex dynamic systems or it emerging properties

They are goal is  to explain the micro level which is good but it completely devoid of macro level assembly where the conscious cognitive functions are at work where complex dynamic systems are at operations and emergent properties are prevailing , to explain consciousness we need both approach

On the other hand, theoretical evolutionary scientist goal is to explain by building and uniting they take in to account of what has been ignored and uses most important theory to assemble





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