Why evolutionary approach


Nothing in Biology Makes Sense Except in the Light of Evolution

Dobzhansky first used the title statement, in a slight variation, in a 1964 presidential address to the American Society of Zoologists, “Biology, Molecular and Organismic”, to assert the importance of organismic biology in response to the challenge of the rising field of molecular biology

We propose  the same  in explaining not only life evolution but also in consciousness evolution.

We proposed the idea that the evolution of consciousness and  evolution of life has followed the same origin and Darwinian principles

In fact they are the same thing which can be compared to the flip side of the same coin.

The evolution of consciousness on one side of the coin and evolution of life on the planet earth other side of the coin

In other words  the same phylogenetic tree of Darwinian evolution as well as the Genetically finger  print of the  ancestral species who evolved  from the phylogenicaly common ancestor  also provided the necessary ingredient for evolution of consciousness in the planet.

Same phylogenic evolutionary tree not only can shed light for simple life evolution of bacteria archaea prokaryocyte  to insect worms  of macro evolution but also for macro-level consciousness evolution in them

Macro level Consciousness has evolved from simple animal like bacteria and ameba all the way to us ,while having  same common ancestral root of the Darwinian life tree.


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